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Federico Grosso, DDS, PhD, MFT, BCFE

 Dear Mental Health Clinician:

 My purpose in presenting these educational, clinical, and consultative resources to you is  to provide you a structure to help protect and diminish the risk that you should face a high-risk clinical situation. Experts know that it is likely that an unpredictable high risk situation tends to trigger a malpractice action. 

Many clinicians have used these resources and have recognized how important they were  in helping them protect themselves from opposing attorneys. In legal consultations, I have heard some clinicians  say: "No one will sue me." Maybe not. Yet, my experience as a expert witness indicates  that the one factor we can't control as clinician's is unpredictability. Legal actions can  occur when a "normal" client becomes a "high risk client" quickly. Without a protective structure, clinicians will likely face difficulty in providing an effective defense.

I invite you to utilize my expert witness experience, which is the centerpiece in the development of these clinical resources. I hope that you never face any malpractice or BBS investigation action. However, should you ever face one, my intent is to give you and your defense attorney the best protection possible.

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The California Board of Behavioral Sciences:                      

BBS Provider # PCE 1963

Dr. Grosso no longer provides CAADE and CAADAC CE units.


  • Clinical Social Workers
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors
  • Drug and Alcohol Counselors
  • Physical Therapy Applicants