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Federico Grosso, DDS, PhD, MFT, BCFE

Federico Grosso, DDS, PhD, MFT, BCFE, is a licensed marriage and family therapist. He practices exclusively as a forensic expert. He is an author, academician, consultant, expert witness, and lecturer specializing in the area of legal and ethical applications. His expertise addresses the needs of marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, drug and alcohol counselors, and licensed professional clinical counselors.

Dr. Grosso serves as an expert witness for malpractice and administrative actions in this field and provides consultation to attorneys. His consistent success as an expert witness continues to be recognized and appreciated by attorneys in the mental health field.

Dr. Grosso's publications include defining the legal and ethical application for the master level psychotherapists, managing high risk clients, and the standard of care for mental health records. These publications are widely used in academic psychotherapy programs and by attorneys who specialize in mental health malpractice.